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Monday, October 1st, 2018

Seasonal Staff






Former Rink Managers
Marv Bednar: 1998 - 2009
John Wardman: 2009 - 2016  


Mike Bryson - Joined the team 2016 - Specializes in MHL Stats, Ref scheduling and equipment repair
Eric Hendee - Joined the team in 2017 - Specializes in emergency coverage and facility organization
Jordan Johnson - Joined the team in 2018 - Specializes in overall facility quality and ice maintenance

Director of Figure Skating
Jessica Schilling

Office Intern

Concessions/On Ice Programs
Justin, Emma, Dillon, Hannah, Katy, TJ, Ethan, Riley, Tyler, Colin, Connor, Analise, Jonah, Sara, Davis, Kyle, Erin, Abi, Cole, Libby, Cass, Nick

Ice Center Photos