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About the Mullett Center

Monday, February 21st, 2022

About the Mullett Center









The Howard G. Mullett Ice Center became a reality out of a son's devotion to his father in 1998. Donald Mullett of Hartland commissioned the center and donated it to the Arrowhead School District in the name of his late father, Howard.

Howard G. Mullett, past chairman of the Bradley Corporation and lifetime resident of the Hartland/Arrowhead lake area, held the philosophy that athletic competition teaches youth valuable lessons that can be drawn upon throughout life.

May all who use the center carry Howard Mullett's spirit of sportsmanship, fairness and teamwork.

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Special Features

  • 501(c)(3) non profit organization

  • 1,300 Seating capacity

  • 200' x 85' sheet of ice

  • Concessions, large lobby and storage areas

  • 39,000 square feet of space

  • Large Digital sponsor board over the ice

  • Five spacious locker rooms, including one designated for women

  • Aluminum Bleachers with overhead infrared heating system

  • Olympia ice grooming machine powered by compressed natural gas

  • Electric Zamboni ice edger

  • Computerized 24/7 building monitoring system to control air quality, air temperature, lighting, chiller package and desiccant dehumidifier

  • Reverse osmosis water treatment system which allows the ice to freeze at a higher temperature and enhances ice clarity

Users of the Mullett Ice Center include:
       ·        Arrowhead Youth Hockey
       ·        Lake Country Warhawks
       ·        Arrowhead High School Hockey
·        Mullett Adult Hockey League
       ·        Elite Skating Academy
       ·        Wisconsin Inspire
       ·        Hockey Factor
       ·        AAA Proactive Hockey
       ·        Team Wisconsin
       ·        AHS Phy Ed Classes
       ·        Public Skaters
       ·        Home School Groups
       ·        Eisstock Club of Wisconsin

Youth programs are available for boys and girls.  The ice center may be used for school outings, community skating parties and Scouting events. The ice center also serves as part of the physical education program at Arrowhead School District. The facility is owned by the Arrowhead School District and is operated by the Howard G. Mullett Community Board.

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